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Service Areas

Shale Tank Truck proudly serves the Barnett, Haynesville, Permian, Cline, and Eagle Ford Shale Plays.

What we do for our Customers

From fresh water to flow back, produced water to drilling mud - and everything in between, Shale has the equipment to meet all your fluid handling needs. Shale has a 24-hour dispatch operation at every location offering flexibility in serving you. Shale Tank Truck - Unloading at DisposalShale’s fleet of vacuum trucks is prepared to meet your fresh water needs for frac tanks, frac pits, and drilling rigs. From a small job to large line job, Shale has the capacity to fill 10 to 100 tanks. Our fleet is prepared to haul flow back to numerous disposals, including those operated by Shale. From 5 BBL an hour to 500 bbl an hour, Shale will provide the equipment to handle the job safely, effectively, and efficiently. With highly trained dispatchers and supervisors, Shale can take your leases and batteries, then provide a schedule to remove the produced water to a disposal that helps keep your wells open and producing profit. Our dispatch center can handle a large call volume in case your company desires to call in loads on an as-needed basis. With this flexibility, we offer the service that best fits our Operators' needs.

Shale has several pump trucks in limited locations. Highly trained and skilled operators use these pump trucks to provide the most comprehensive services available. H5 test, testing tubing, testing casing, killing wells, chemical squeeze jobs, holding pressure, and testing pipelines are just the surface of the pump truck's capablilities. Our operators make the difference with their knowledge, safety, and exceptional overall service. From full-size trailers to bobtails, Shale has your pump truck needs covered.Shale Tank Truck - Site Battery

Shale fairly boasts a massive fleet of frac tanks. Using standard tanks, acid tanks, 500 BBl gas busters, and 250 BBL gas busters, Shale can accommodate any frac tank request. All of our tanks are axle mounted so they are loaded, moved and set by Shale’s winch trucks. The exterior and interior manifold tanks provide ease in tying your tanks together for line jobs, flow backs, or rig tanks. Shale’s gas busters and acid tanks are in high demand in most of the fields we operate. Whatever your set up or design is, Shale can provide the tanks to help your job proceed as planned. Our winch truck operators and supervisors work diligently to meet all your deadlines and operate within your time constraints on setting tanks.

If you need a vacuum truck, pump truck, winch truck, frac tank, gas buster, or an acid tank, Shale has everything you need. From providing fresh water, biocide, KCL, and Heavy Brine water to location or hauling off your flow back and produced water to disposal, Shale is ready and able. Pick up the phone today and see how we can best serve you!